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The Redwood City School District offers a variety of options to parents of Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through 8th grade students.  All students are assigned to a “neighborhood school” based on their home address and automatically get first priority to attend their neighborhood school. Look up your attendance boundary.
All Redwood City School District (RCSD) schools provide students with a rigorous academic program, but each school has its own unique emphasis, classroom approach and personality.  Learn about schools in the Redwood City School District
Students may apply to attend any school in the district in lieu of their neighborhood schools by filling out a “School of Choice” Application.  The Schools of Choice Open Enrollment Period began on November 7, 2015 and ended on January 8, 2016.  A random computer lottery and the Priority Orders below will determine school placement and/or waitlist.  Parents will be notified by February 26 of Schools of Choice placement, if applicable, or waitlist numbers for all students who applied by the January 8 deadline.   The Schools of Choice application is temporarily closed for the 2016-17 school year until after the lottery is run; it will be available again on March 9, and all students who applied after January 8 will be placed or waitlisted in the order in which they apply.
Please note that students are not guaranteed placement at any school.  All school placements are based on space available according to the Priority Order of Enrollment below.  For your 2nd choice preference, you will be lower on the waitlist than students who list the school as their 1st choice.  For example, if you list Adelante as your 1st choice and Selby Lane Spanish Immersion as your 2nd choice, students who chose Selby Lane as their 1st choice will have priority over your student.
In order to attend a neighborhood school based on their residence area, students must fill out a student registration form, but no application is necessary.

*Priority Order for Your Neighborhood-Assigned School:

1.Students are guaranteed placement in their neighborhood school if space is available at the time they register.

2.Students are enrolled in the order in which they register.

3.If the neighborhood school does not have space at the time of enrollment, students are assigned to another school.

If students want to attend a neighborhood school outside of their residence area, they must submit an online Schools of Choice/Transfer Application.
*Priority Order for Schools of Choice Placement: 

Students receive priority for any seats available in the order below, and according to a random computer lottery.  (North Star Academy has a different order of priority.  Please see below for North Star Academy’s Priority.)
1.    Siblings of students who already attend the school and who will attend the school in the same academic year.

2.    Students currently on a waiting list for the school who are enrolled in Program Improvement (PI) schools, and are applying to attend a non-PI school. (Not applicable for incoming kindergartners.)

3.    Students applying for the first time who are enrolled in or live within the boundary of a PI schools.

4.    Students currently on a waiting list for the school who are enrolled in a non-PI school.  (Not applicable for incoming kindergartners.)

5.    Students applying for the first time enrolled in schools NOT in PI who are requesting intra-district transfers (within RCSD boundaries).

6.    Students who live outside the boundaries of the RCSD. (Transfers are based on District approval.)
Applications within each group will be randomly sorted by computer at the end of the application period, and each applicant will be assigned an eligibility number within that group based on the random computer sort. Priorities only apply to applications submitted by the January 8 deadline. Applications received after January 8, 2016 will be placed after all the applications received by the deadline, in order of the date received. Once a student is on the waiting list, they do not need to re-apply in future years.
*Twins will be placed together, according to the priority above. Twins who are assigned a random eligibility number will be placed according to the number of the twin with the highest place on the waiting list.
*The district cannot guarantee that siblings at different grade levels will be placed at the same school. Each sibling application is considered separately.

* **Priority Order for Enrollment in North Star Academy:

The priority order is slightly different for North Star Academy.  Every qualified student is automatically entered in the lottery and assigned to one of the groups described below:

1.    Qualified students currently attending schools identified as Program Improvement schools under requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.  (By law, students attending these schools must be provided an option to transfer to another school when spots are available.)

2.    Qualified siblings of 3rd-7th grade students who already attend North Star Academy and who currently reside in the RCSD.

3.    Qualified students whose parent/guardian is assigned to North Star Academy as his/her primary place of employment.

4.   Qualified students who currently reside in the RCSD and attend non-Program Improvement district schools.

5.   Other qualified students who live within the RCSD boundary, but do not currently attend RCSD schools, including students currently attending private schools, home schooled students, and students who have transferred to public schools in other districts.

6.   Other qualified students requesting an inter-district (outside RCSD boundaries) transfer. (Transfers are based on District approval.)
*The district cannot guarantee that siblings at different grade levels will be placed at the same school. Each sibling application is considered separately.

**For North Star, qualified twins will be placed together, according to the priority above.  Twins will be pulled together and assigned the next two numbers on the waiting list only when both twins are qualified in the same lottery on the same day. If one twin qualifies at a later time period, that child is considered a sibling and thus the above sibling criteria applies.

The local educational agency (LEA) adopted a policy that prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.



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