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Staff Development 


Staff Development plays a key role in the District mission to improve student learning and achievement. In addition to dedicating general fund monies to support staff development, several important grants have been written and are funded by the state department of education, federal sources, and private foundations.

Staff Development involves a wide variety of services which are listed below under specific goals of the district.

1. Ensure that the RCSD staff have sufficient technology skills both to perform their own jobs effectively and efficiently as well as provide the necessary technology skills to our students.

The district, using the technology department and site technology resource teachers, offers up to 20 courses a semester on a variety of computer and other technology courses available to all staff, classified and certificated, in the district.

2. Ensure that teachers and administrators have the necessary support and skills to support ensure that students perform at the knowledgeable and exemplary levels on our performance based assessment in reading, writing and mathematics. 

  • Provide new teachers with support in classroom management and organization.
  • Provide training, coaching and ongoing support in English Language Development (ELD).
  • Provide comprehensive instruction and support in the area of language arts through courses (K-1, 2-3 and 4-8), SIP day and minimum day workshops and ongoing support and coaching.
  • Provide the necessary training and materials for teachers to do formative and summative assessment of their students in order to inform their instruction and report progress to parents.
  • Provide training for new teachers and ongoing training and support for veteran teachers on the effective implementation of the science curriculum.
  • Implement a student work project in which grade level teams meet twice monthly to review and assess student work collaboratively to develop next steps for instruction.


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